Our focus on innovation delivers fast,
efficient and hassle-free advice.


Birling is a well respected financial wealth management firm with a focus on innovation to ensure fast, efficient and hassle-free advice.

Connecting all the elements with our personal service and bespoke advice, we will support, educate and guide you on everything from getting your cashflow under control, making money through super, SMSFs and investments; to tax minimisation and risk management strategies; and planning for the unexpected with personal insurance and aged care plans.
Our team are here at Birling because they love to make it a priority to get to know you and your family and understand your current situation and your goals. Each and every member of our team is aligned to help you create clear strategies with clear actions that you're comfortable with.


Debt Management | Investing

The key to investing is first getting your debt under control through budgeting and cashflow management. Using our B Wealthy App we will work with you to understand you net wealth, your spending habits and how to take control so that more of your time and money can be spent focused on enjoying your life rather than worrying about your debt.

Once you have control we will work with you to prioritising your goals so that you can reach the financial independence you want.

Estate Planning

Passing on your estate to your intended beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes is an often emotional and complex part of wealth management. There are so many things to consider from tax-effective structures to trusts, wills and powers of attorney; but starting the estate planning process now ensures your wishes are documented for passing on your wealth, funeral arrangements and any end-of-life care and guardianship arrangements. We’ll support you to work through your plans and document your decisions to ensure peace of mind and refer you to the appropriate legal adviser.

Risk Management (Personal & Business)

A professionally tailored risk insurance plan is essential in safeguarding your wealth at all life stages. We can design the appropriate level of cover or review your existing plan to help remove some of the financial burden and stress that the permanent or temporary loss of income due to death, accident or illness can cause. We also support you and your family through any claims process.

Superannuation | Retirement

When you retire, you will have access to a large sum of money in your superannuation fund and you need to be confident it will be enough for your lifestyle and that those funds will last. Managed the right way can be very tax effective. What will you need in retirement? A good rule of thumb is around 20 times the annual salary you would like in addition to owning your own home. For example, if you want to live on $100,000 per year then you’ll need around $2,000,000 in retirement savings. We help you navigate legislative changes, structure assets and cash flow to set you up so that you can enjoy the best retirement possible and maximise the benefit of your super.

Tax (financial) Planning

As part of your strategy design, we will take into account your personal taxation position and that of any entities you may own or operate though such as family trusts or companies. For those clients looking for specific taxation advice, we strongly recommend you speak with a qualified tax agent or we can make a recommendation to one. Where your taxation requirements are more complex, your Birling Wealth financial adviser and accountant will work together collaboratively to ensure all your financial requirements are met.